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Opening hours and transportation guide Find out how to make your way to the Hometown Gallery according to mode of transportation.

  • Fujiko・F・Fujio Hometown Gallery in Takaoka City

    Address : Takaoka Art Museum (2F), 1-1-30 Nakagawa, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture 933-0056
    Inquiries : 0766-20-1170
    Opening hours : 09:30 to 17:00 (visitors can enter until 16:30)
    Closed : Mondays (The Hometown Gallery will be open on any Monday that falls on a statutory or other publicly observed holiday; in such a case, the Hometown Gallery will be closed the following weekday.)
    *The Hometown Gallery will also be closed between December 29 and January 3 for the year-end, New Year holiday period.

    If you wish to arrive by train or bus

    From Takaoka Station
    On foot: approx. 20 min. (northeast for approx. 2 km)
    JR Himi Line: Disembark at Ecchu-Nakagawa Station and walk for 2 min.
    Manyo Line: Disembark at Shikinochugakko-Mae and walk for 10 min.
    Bus: Take a bus bound for Shokugyo anteijo-Mae, disembark at Kogeikoukou-Mae, and walk for 1 min.

    Shinkansen bullet train and express train routes

    Tokyo-Hokuriku Shinkansen (Hakutaka)-Shin-Takaoka Station (approx. 2 hr., 54 min.)
    Osaka-Hokuriku Main Line (Thunderbird)-Kanazawa-Hokuriku Shinkansen-Shin-Takaoka Station (approx. 2 hr., 54 min.)
    Nagoya-Hokuriku Main Line (Shirasagi)-Kanazawa-Hokuriku Shinkansen-Shin-Takaoka Station (approx. 2 hr., 52 min.)

    If you wish to arrive by automobile

    Noetsu Expressway : approx. 20 min. from the Takaoka IC
    Hokuriku Expressway : approx. 25 min. from the Kosugi IC / approx. 30 min. from the Tonami IC


    Underground parking : free for up to 2 hr. (max. height 2.2 m)
    Opening days : days on which the Art Museum is open
    Opening hours : 09:00 to 18:00
    Outdoor parking (Takaoka Bunka-no-Mori parking) : free
    * Inquire with us if you wish to arrive by motor coach or other such vehicle.

    If you wish to arrive by air

    40 min. by automobile from Toyama Kitokito Airport

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