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  • Good news!

    March 17,2016

    I was very glad hear that news.
    In fact, I was able to invite the visitor of 10,000 number of the entering a building.
    The 10000th was a pretty customer.
    The visitor Ms. Asada and the grandchild of a woman coming from Toyama-city (1 year old).
    The souvenirs such as stuffed toys of very big Doraemon were presented to Mayor of Takaoka.
    “I feel very honored concerning Toyama native place same as Mr,Fujiko・F・Fujio”. Such a wonderful
    person wanted to tell that it was the same town and came with the grandchild whom Doraemon loved.
    I was surprised concerning the 10000th very much! She talked to us.

    Director of gallery “have so many visitors visit from the whole country,
    and feel true”. I felt his magnificence. We will continue to effort to be made to the gallery to be loved by everyone .
    thank you for your cooperation.He expressed our determination.

    We will do our best.We are continuing to Mr,Fujiko・F・Fujio appeal to the world.

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