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  • Message to Our Visitors

    May 15,2020

    Thank you for your visit. We kindly ask for your cooperation on the following:

    ・Please always wear a mask during your visit.
    (We reserve the right to deny entry to visitors who are not wearing a mask.)

    ・Please sanitize your hands using the alcohol disinfectant at the front before entering this facility.

    ・Please keep an appropriate distance (2m) with other visitors during your visit.

    ・Please practice proper cough etiquette by covering your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissue or your sleeve when sneezing or coughing.

    ・If you experience symptoms of the common cold such as a fever, a cough or a sore throat, or if you travelled abroad or are a close contact of a traveler in the past two weeks, please refrain from visiting this facility.

    ・For the time being, please refrain from group visits.

    ・If you are traveling from another prefecture or city, please stay attentive to your state of health.


    Fujiko F. Fujio Hometown Gallery, Takaoka City is paying close attention to prevent the infection and spread of COVID-19 by taking the following measures:

    ・Alcohol desinfectants are available at the entrance and exit.

    ・The air conditioning system at this facility has been set with a boost in fresh air circulation to guarantee sufficient ventilation.

    ・All staff members are required to wear masks.

    ・Places susceptible to hand contact (door knobs, elevators, etc.) are frequently disinfected to ensure thorough hygiene.


    We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding in order to effectively contain the spread of COVID-19.


    May 15, 2020
    Fujiko F. Fujio Hometown Gallery
    Takaoka City

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