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  • Cute!

    February 23,2016

    Hello everyone.

    Well…???Is there something you want to tell me?
    “Yes!! We love this sign. I’m very cute this Doraemon ♪”
    “Wow, really cute ♪ Doraemon eating a Dorayaki!
    *Dorayaki is like a pancake with bean jam. This is Doraemon’s favorite.


    I’ve been hid a lot of Fujiko・F・Fujio  friends other than gallery shop in the exhibition room of the caption and galleries ♪
    Come and so please try to pay attention to such a place!

    welcome to japan!!

    February 16,2016

    Hello everyone. The other day, our customers have any visitors from Shanghai.
    “We are working as a blogger in Shanghai. Gallery It is also scheduled to be in the article.” He told Us.
    As soon as it is admission from “anywhere door
    They Focusing on his work. We felt his greatness work once again!!
    We are continuing to transmit Fujiko · F · Fujio’s appeal to the world.
    We look forward to getting article from the Shanghai customers!


    Secret is a tool cookies.

    February 10,2016

    Hello everyone
    Cute products join to our gallery shop ♪
    The secret is a tool cookies.


    Secret tool type cookie lightly mouthfeel butter flavor is fragrant and open the four-dimensional pocket of Doraemon a lot  !
    Your “I want to come true!” And to satisfy, I‘m sure that will boost the mood


    February 9,2016

    Hello everyone.
    But it followed by a day still cold How are you ?
    I think I want to go, even in the south of the country in which the mind and body can also unwind.
    At times like these, Do I wish get also adokodemo(anywhere )door –

    Ah! dokodemo(anywhere) door! It hometown gallery!
    Fujiko · F · Fujio a number of words and a lot of the character of the teacher
    Makes you to  “warm heart” …
    By all means, please come to the hometown gallery also in cold winter.


    “Dokodemo(Anywhere) door” photographing OK!

    So Let’s enjoying  to your own original photos !


    February 2,2016

    Hello everyone. I hot days and cold days have visited alternately recently.

    But, we have received a friendly letter from you to the home gallery every day.
    I am encouraged by the staff to the nice words and letter that I received from everyone.

    If Doraemon is mailed from the post in the … actually traffic plaza of Takaoka Station Speaking of “letter”
    You can send a letter with such a cute Postmarking!
    In the gallery shop, since it is available even post cards cartoon original was designed
    The memories of the trip, to the letter to an important person,
    Why do not you mailed a special letter of the hometown of Fujiko · F · Fujio?


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