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  • Dokodemodoor

    February 9,2016

    Hello everyone.
    But it followed by a day still cold How are you ?
    I think I want to go, even in the south of the country in which the mind and body can also unwind.
    At times like these, Do I wish get also adokodemo(anywhere )door –

    Ah! dokodemo(anywhere) door! It hometown gallery!
    Fujiko · F · Fujio a number of words and a lot of the character of the teacher
    Makes you to  “warm heart” …
    By all means, please come to the hometown gallery also in cold winter.


    “Dokodemo(Anywhere) door” photographing OK!

    So Let’s enjoying  to your own original photos !


    February 2,2016

    Hello everyone. I hot days and cold days have visited alternately recently.

    But, we have received a friendly letter from you to the home gallery every day.
    I am encouraged by the staff to the nice words and letter that I received from everyone.

    If Doraemon is mailed from the post in the … actually traffic plaza of Takaoka Station Speaking of “letter”
    You can send a letter with such a cute Postmarking!
    In the gallery shop, since it is available even post cards cartoon original was designed
    The memories of the trip, to the letter to an important person,
    Why do not you mailed a special letter of the hometown of Fujiko · F · Fujio?


    Masking tape

    January 26,2016

    Hello everyone.
    But was the heavy snow the past few days, thank you very much your visitors.

    名称未設定-1 名称未設定-2

    Is also a gallery of limited edition masking tape is especially popular commodity in women! !

    Even if you’re of masking tape beginner, luxury and with an easy-to-use adult design and gold the foil is the secret of popularity.
    Masking tape, depending on how to use have infinite possibilities the perfect products for the coming of the gift season.

    Hello everyone.
    I will show you how to enjoy the world of  Fujiko · F · Fujio other than gallery.

    20151219083104-0001-283x400 20160116154201-287x400
    March 5th will be published   “Doraemon The movie 36th Nobita and the Birth of Japan”

    The 10th story in the full-length Doraemon series was called “Nobita and the Birth of Japan,” and it opened in theatres in 1989.
    By the way, there are no original drawings remaining from the 9th story in the series, “The Record of Nobita’s Parallel Visit to the West.”
    This is because when the story was made, Professor Fujiko wasn’t feeling very well, and he wasn’t able to help draw it.
    With this story, “Nobita and the Birth of Japan”, the series celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it became a very big-scale project.
    Nobita and the gang travel back in time all the way to the Stone Age and meet the ancestors of today’s Japanese people. The story
    also featured three wonderful imaginary animals created by Nobita, “Vega”, “Glee”, and “Draco.”
    It is fun! !
    Also in the gallery shop, advance tickets can be purchased.
    Original seal is present to you !

    We look forward to your visitors! !
    ※ Please check the back of the ticket for a movie theater that advance ticket can be used.

    Ankipan Rusk

    January 17,2016

    Hi everyone.
    We have a perfect goods to the examinees season! !
    I also, … if they have this as a student.
    Everyone is one of the familiar secret tool in Doraemon that would have thinks once,
    Ankipan Rusk in the shape of a “Ankipan”!
    That it is a tool that from the copy what you want to remember the bread will be
    remembered whole a copy contents and eat the bread.
    prospective students of you and prospective students of your family
    You do not want to examinees to relax and eat a Ankipan Lusk?
    Rusk = melba toast

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