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  • Doraemon tram

    April 13,2016

    Hi!! everyone.How are you ?
    Oneday  I was enjoy go for a short trot.
    “Doraemon tram passenger celebration of reaching 500,000 people” was held!!
    I tried to join in the event!
    Manyosen president Takehira president of greeting,
    Was also greeting the Kawasaki Fujiko · F · Fujio Museum and Fujiko pro co,LTD President and CEO Mr, Zenshow Ito
    Our conversation got quite lively.
    It was very climax of venue and a lovery kindergarten of the cute singing .

    Doraemon tram it has been loved by Takaoka citizen !
    We will continue to work hard to be loved by citizens of  Takaoka like doraemon tram.
    If you want going to gallery please take doraemon tram you may can enjoy Fujiko・F・Fujio home town more! 

    DSC01347DSC01365 DSC01352DSC01375

    Hi, everyone.
    Have you watched to our recommend movie the name is  
    “Nobita and the Birth of Japan”
    Doraemon movie  expressed something new and exciting!
    Our exhibition second season already stared on April 5th.
    “Nobita and the Birth of Japan” original picture also has come.
    After movie you may also enjoy original picture too.
    That was livelier than usual.


    Pocket guide

    April 12,2016

    Hello every one.
    We feels comfortably warm in the spring sun.
    Well…What do you say to taking a walk by the Fujiko・F・Fujio home town?
    Takaoka city hall publication is Pocket guide!
    (The Pocket guide is available to the website Takaoka City hall web site)
    How about going for a read manga after walk?
    We have special library !
    Let’s enjoy that Fujiko · F · Fujio teacher’s home town together !

    Hello everyone.
    Totally spring full bloom gallery, I met towards the lovely mother-daughter love F character.
    Charming daughter told us “the many of original picture was so much fun .”
    “We looking forward to going  around Fujiko home town.”
    Last day Doraemon tram was maintenance check day. 
    Next time please!!!
    April is the best season to travel is during spring, when cherry blossoms are in full bloom .
    Let’s enjoy that Fujiko · F · Fujio teacher’s home town together !

    .DSC01398 DSC01466


    April 3,2016


    Hello everyone.
    Today, I received a very happy gift from customer!
    I please rushed with such a wonderful picture is to look at the Ferris 10,000 news.
    Doraemon  are dressed up is very cute!
    (Official blog visitors 10,000 people achieve!)
    Thank you for the happy comments even each SNS.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you.
    In the future, so we will continue working hard to to keep communicate charm of hometown Takaoka unique
    Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.


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